2013 Rose Parade Time-lapse

Having a little fun with my GoPro this morning!


New Tutorials Section

They say if you can teach someone a skill, then you truly know your craft. Well, I finally did it. I launched a new TUTORIALS section. My first tutorial covers my research workflow for my writing projects using SCRIVENER, EVERNOTE and POCKET.
You can find it here:


Writing 2nd Novel & Other Shenanigans

Started a new novel today called FUNEMPLOYMENT. You can watch it live, worldwide as I whelp this puppy here:

I'll be blogging about the process in detail on my WhatIsLSOF page while this blog will cover what else I'm up to. I'll be posting some of my 3D work on this blog for my demo reel plus posting some tutorials on publishing to keep myself out of trouble.

Let's see if I can make this work.




Check out my new blog WhatIsLSOF. It's linked above. 

Basically, I'm spending the summer looking for work (I was outsourced) and riding my motorcycle all over the country to possibly find a new place to live/work/enjoy and do research on my next novel.

More stuff on the way.


A Mess of Newness on the Way

Well, the book HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT is on Amazon Kindle and print on demand. Just follow the BOOKSTORE link above. A lot more work than I thought it would be. Stay tuned for some screencast tutorials to show you how to create your own KINDLE book and then use the same file to set up your Amazon CREATESPACE Print On Demand paperback book so you can put a physical one on your shelf and wow your friends.

Starting a new novel called LSOF. Will be posting the first chapter here soon along with a new website and Twitter account. I'll be experimenting with a lot of new media on the new site and will try to make the writing process for the novel as open as possible with as much audience participation as possible. I might be coming to your town soon and may even leave something behind for you to find. The new site will be:

The Twitter feed will be: WhatIsLSOF

Don't forget my Twitter Pulp novel: Tweet_Noir